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    The reports and screen shots of the other included programs are displayed in "PDF" format because 1) they are much clearer, and 2) they are too big to display in a gif or jpg format. The exception is the Navagation screen shots which are gif's.


    Sample Reports & Screen Shots

    REPORTS  (PDF)                   

    All reports have buttons which take you to detailed explanations of the report (these buttons can't be seen on printed reports)

    Cover Sheet

    you can also create your own cover sheet

    Table of Contents

    likewise, you can create your own if desired

    Assumptions (Input Data)

    the inputs are the yellow boxes

    Executive Summary

    explained in detail in documentation

    Income Statement

    A traditional format with separate tax page

    Balance Sheet

    one cost based, a second market based

    Sources and Uses of Cash

    one page in dollars, one page in %'s

    Statement of Cash Flows

    page 1 from operations, page 2 from sale

    Net Worth Analysis

    accounting analysis and economic analysis

    Valuation Analysis

    multiple methods of valuation

    Ratio Analysis

    includes highlight data outlier feature

    Tax Report

    from operations and from sale

    Asset Detail Report

    helpful for detailed analyses

    Loan Detail Report

    helpful for detailed analyses

    Operation & Navigation SCREEN SHOTS (GIF)

    Control Center

    This is the Main Menu from which you can operate the model. There are, however, alternative ways of performing various tasks, such as from the input sheet, from the side command bar, and with keyboard shortcuts.

    Report Menu

    Again, there are many ways of printing reports. All explained in documentation.

    Input Data Screen

    The Input Data is shown in the PDF report, but the reports don't show the non-printing buttons which I provide throughout to help you with the analysis.

    Documentation Included

    Top page of the Documentation that is provided within the model.


    Developer Assistant

    Useful for large construction projects. It develops a Building Component Construction Cost Estimate (calculated by "Comparative Units Method"). It then uses one of five supplied or a user defined "S-Curve" to spread costs over the construction period (up to 25 months). It also provides a 25 consecutive task table from which to apply "CPM" (Critical Path Method) and "PERT" statistics for ascertaining confidence levels for completing the project by a specific date.

    Task Manager & Scheduler (GANTT Charts)

    Second part of "Developer Assistant". Very useful for project management of any construction or renovation project (includes a component designed for flippers). Note that option buttons such as sorting by date and delaying project do not show up on the PDF.

    Lease vs Buy to Occupy

    Should you lease, or should you buy

    Lease Roll-Up

    Allows grouping of like leases. Can expand to accommodate. The Total Group at top stays on screen while the detail scrolls up (can't be seen in PDF). Also, you can't see action buttons on PDF.

    Loan Calculator

    Useful for looking at ad hoc loan analyses

    External Factor Analysis

    a simple but useful check on non-financial parameters

    Comparable Property Analysis

    a simple but useful assumption check which compares comparable properties

    Marketing Flyer

    a single sheet flyer for handing out to prospective buyer

    Sensitivity Analysis

    pessimistic, most likely, optimistic

    Advanced Sensitivity Analysis

    extremely powerful means of incrementing input variables for effect

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