Integrity First — and Excellence in All That We Do

Integrated Planning Systems®, Inc., which owns and operates, was founded in Madison, Wisconsin in 1982.  Our goal, was then and is today, to provide planning solutions for achieving extraordinary success and preventing failure.   In fact, this concept is at the heart of our mission statement as seen below.

Mission Statement

Integrated Planning Systems is dedicated to the proposition that it is the quality of one's planning and analysis tools and techniques that separates winners from losers. To this end, we dedicate ourselves to providing first class strategic, financial and technology planning services and products, both custom and off the shelf, to clients throughout the country.

Some of the areas where we have provided services are Strategic Planning, Valuation, Business/Market Development, Merger/Acquisition, Financial Planning and Analysis, Technology Assessment/Implementation, Project Management, Customized Computer Model Development, Personal Financial Planning and Real Estate Investment Analysis.

If you are thinking about hiring IPS for a consulting project or purchasing one of our software products, I invite you to review my Statement of Experience and Qualifications.